The History of Garden Tools
Talk March 18th 2018

A talk by Bill Laws

The Club continued its 2018 programme with an excellent and well attended April meeting featuring a talk by speaker Bill Laws entitled “The History of Garden Tools“. Bill introduced himself as a Journalist though he was also clearly a author  with several gardening books to his name. For more information about Bill and the books he has written, click here.

Bills talk was witty and filled with interesting information on the subject. Bill explained that garden tools were in all respect both historically and today labour saving devices and looked at the development of the wheel barrow from its earliest times through to the present. He covered the Lawn Mower which had developed from the Scythe, again to save people effort in producing a “perfect” lawn.

Bill had brought with him a range of hand tools which he described their provenance and development up to the present. Some of these tools appear in the photographs below.

Here are some of the photos taken during the meeting.