Talk September 21st 2017

A talk by Pete Evans
Derwen College Retail and Leisure Manager.

Pete Evans produced a highly entertaining talk on Streptocarpus a plant that can be grown very easily by seed or cuttings.

Pete currently looks after the Retail and Leisure areas at Derwen College at Gobowen. Within this remit Pete has responsibility for the Garden Centre at the college; with its nearby cafes it is an excellent place for a garden entusiast to visit. For more information click here.

Previously to working at Derwen, Pete worked for Dibleys Nurserys at Ruthin one of the leading suppliers of Streptocarpus plants, seeds and  associated ephemera (for more information on Dibleys Nurserys click here ).

Pete retains a close relationship with Dibleys and brought a large collection of plants, from Dibleys, for us to look at. All of these were on sale and Pete went home almost empty handed!

At the end of the meeting Pete judged the “Container of autumn flowers and foliage” competion entries. They were to a very high standard but  Pete chose one entered by K Kimber as the winner.

Below is a selection of photos taken by John Barrett at the meeting: