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Welcome to our website.

We hope that you will find this website a useful resource for both the Club’s activities and for other  related gardening information.

The details of all of the  Club’s meetings and other events are clearly shown with much more  information available for those who require it. Click here for the current programme, which includes details of our 2019 outings to Bryn Celyn, in May, and  Stoney Cottage Gardens and Ness Botanical Gardens, in June. There is also an evening visit, on July 2nd to Whitehurst Gardens Chirk.

Access to information on past events can be navigated to by scrolling down to the links at the bottom (in the dark area) of this and every other page. They can also be navigated to, from the appropriate year Programme page, and clicking the link in the “Info” column, appropriate to the meeting.

The last meeting on March 21st the club was a talk given by  Barry (Baz) Fewster. Barry gave an informative and thought provoking presentation on Why Garden for Wildlife, which highlighted the reasons for keeping your garden inviting to wildlife. For more information click here

Next  meeting will be held on 11th April* and will be a talk by Christine Scott entitled A Little Bit of what you Fancy  – hints and ideas for garden design. This will be our second meeting for the new monthly competition. Clck here to find out more about how and what to enter. There was a wide variety  of entries at the meeting in March: these ranged from colourful displays of springtime plants, to home propagated and grown plants and vegetables.
[*Please note the meeting is no being held, this April, on the normal “third Thursday” because of Easter]

As you will see below the Club is affiliated to the RHS.

Explore the website for more information about the club and its activities.

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