AGM Photography Competition,
16th November 2017 Rules

Trefonen Garden Club Committee would like to encourage entries to the Photography Competition from as many members as possible, including people who use ‘point and shoot’ and phone cameras, as well as those with more complicated equipment.

We are therefore introducing 2 classes of entry, see below, and members can enter either Class A or Class B, but not both, for all their entries.


  1. Entrants should be members of TGC and should be present at the competition meeting on November 16th
  2. Members may enter in one size category only, i.e.
    Class A – photos with a maximum size of 7” x 5”, OR
    Class B – photos larger than 7” x 5”, maximum size A4 297mm x  210mm
  3. Entries must not have a border or frame
  4. Entries must have been photographed in the last year, i.e. November 2016 onwards.
  5. Categories (in both classes)
    1. Trefonen Garden Club Events
    2. Children and Nature (includes domesticated animals and gardens)
    3. Strange Bedfellows (plants, animals, birds, people (or combination of these) etc. not commonly seen together or seen in an unusual place.
    4. Weather (this would include landscape where weather is a feature)
    5. Flora – Can be single, part of, or group of specimens.
    6. Fauna – Can be single, part of, or group but should not include domesticated animals
  6. Up to 2 entries can be made in any/each category, up to a maximum of 6 entries
  7. Entries should be mounted on (i.e. stuck onto) a suitable paper or lightweight board so that they do not curl when hung (but not have a frame / border)
  8. Entries should have name of entrant, whether Class A or B, and Category written on the back.
  9. Entries must be given to Sally Barrett by 9th November 2017. No late entries will be accepted.  (Entries can be handed in at the 19th October meeting.)
  10. Entries must not have anything attached which could harm other entries while being stored, such as adhesive or anything abrasive.
  11. Failure to follow this will result in that entry being disqualified.
    Members must remove their work at the end of the meeting.


  1. Each member may vote once in each category, in both size classes
  2. Members may vote for whichever entries they consider the best, regardless of who took the photograph
  3. In the event of a tie, the Chairperson will have the casting vote (in addition to their original vote).